Lumo Solutions safety guidance components are designed to improve visual awareness in the dark in order to enhance safety for pedestrians in public spaces and workplaces.

Our four products come in 2 colours, Lumo Green and Tranquillity Blue. They are robust, flexible, easy to install and require no power.

Lumo’s products are manufactured in Australia using state of the art in-house ingredients and superior photo-luminescent technology. They are able to self-charge repeatedly and indefinitely using various light sources such as the sun, moon, stars, incandescent and fluorescent lights.

The longer the light exposure, the longer the duration of the glow. Also, the brighter the light source, the more intense the glow will be. Full charge time is approximately 15 to 20 minutes in full sun or fluorescent light. Once fully charged, NATA test results show they will glow in excess of 14 hours.

Our products are not designed to illuminate areas or enable distant viewing (even though this may occur for the 1st hour of glow). They are produced purely to provide guidance and visual awareness in the dark and are predominately designed for use in areas of pedestrian traffic.


To view our Independent test results and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS):