190 mm Trackntrim

190 mm Safety Strip

190 Trackntrim (190mm long x 44mm wide x 6mm thick)

This multi-purpose strip is great for:

  • The top of stair treads when located either side of the tread.
  • Clearly defining pathways and tracks.
  • Clearly defining the edges and sides of wharfs and jetties.
  • Wrapping around posts, poles and bollards.
  • Identifying obtrusive components on plant, equipment and trailers.

All components come in two colours – Lumo Green and Tranquillity Blue.

Lumo Solutions safety guidance components are not suitable for uneven, soft surfaces such as mud, sand, gravel, grass or dirt (stakes or fixing posts should be first installed and then the Lumo Solutions safety guidance product should be affixed to the stake or post).The Lumo Solutions safety guidance components should be installed intact and any damaged or broken components should be replaced. These components should not be consumed or used for any other purposes other than those discussed in this user guide.


Lumo Solutions safety guidance components are:

  • Weather resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Anti-static
  • Non conductive
  • Fire retarded